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765k HF Checklist

765k “SODIUM” Hard Fork Checklist

Disclaimer: We assume this checklist is used by qualified personnel, it is not a tutorial. It is also assumed you know what BRS (Burst Reference Software) is and how to install it.

Brought to you by Burst Apps Team (BAT).

What To Do **Now** that it is released? (Everyone)

  • Make sure you have a current version of the wallet (2.5.0 or higher), currently released at burst-apps-team repository.
  • Make sure you shut down all instances of previous versions. All previous versions are obsolete and will be automatically rejected by upgraded nodes after the fork.
  • No need to panic. There is nothing in the upcoming HF that would make you lose your funds. Worst case if you use the wrong wallet: your funds may be temporarily inaccessible.
  • You do not want to have a non-release BRS version, unless you are a developer and/or are testing on TestNet

For Miners

  • If you mine on a pool, there is nothing you need to do (assuming the pool operator runs an up-to-date BRS node).
  • If you mine solo, also no extra recommendation other than upgrade BRS to >=2.5.0.

For Hodlers/Investors

  • The coins in your private wallet are safe.
  • If you use Phoenix or any wallet based on a remote node, it is very likely the operator has already upgraded the BRS node and you have nothing to do.
  • If you run a BRS node, even if you do not update it (which you should), your coins are safe. Worst case: you may lose only temporary access to your coins until you get a new version.
  • As long as no private key is lost, no funds are lost.
  • While we cannot speak for exchanges in general, the coins you have on any exchange are also safe. BAT is in touch with main exchanges so they update their BRS nodes.
  • Obviously there is no recommendation/advice if you should buy or sell BURST due to the upgrade.

For Pool Operators

  • Make sure your pool back-end BRS node is >=2.5.0.
  • Although the deadline computation formula has been changed, BRS will always send back the legacy deadline as confirmation. So, as long as the pool send its best deadline to the node, there is no change needed on any software.
  • The legacy best deadline continues to be the best deadline, nothing to worry about.
  • If you want to better inform your miners about the current best deadline or other related information in your monitoring webpage you might want to implement the deadline conversion:
deadline = ln(legacyDeadline)*240/ln(240)

For Exchanges

  • Please update your BRS node as soon as possible to version >=2.5.0.
  • There are no breaking API changes.

For Developers

  • Wallet API remains the same.

For Bystanders

  • Lean back and enjoy stable block times and the many possibilities that these upgrades can bring!