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Burst Software


The Burst ecosystem uses lots of software. A majority of these softwares are used either to plot, mine, or simply to transfer BURST. A majority of users will want a local wallet, and there are plenty to chose from!



The easiest choice for beginners using Windows is to download Qbundle. QBundle is a convenient launcher which installs the BRS local wallet, plotting software, and mining software with a few clicks.


According to CIP-18 this is the new Cross-Platform Burst Wallet. A multi-platform application architecture is made possible through a few key front-end technologies: React Native, Angular, and Electron. By using these technologies in conjunction, Burst wallet developers will enjoy a modern application development workflow without sacrificing the quality of the end-product.


Easy2Burst is the successor of QBundle.

Burst Reference Software (BRS)

The Burst Reference Software (BRS) is the main Burst wallet. It allows connection to the Burst network. The Burst Reference Software is the wallet/software included in QBundle. This wallet version is developed and maintained by the Burst Apps Team (BAT) and supports a multitude of database backends.


A light-weight version of the current BURST wallet for easy access to send and receive BURST.


Aspera was a Burst Wallet written in go. This wallet opens up a whole new dimension for Burst with state-of-the-art technologies (partial blocks validation, new front-end, etc.). It is no longer being developed since the PoCC exit of Burstcoin.

Burstcoin mobile wallet

The mobile wallet for Android and iOS which provides the following features :

  • Watch only addresses
  • Currency conversion
  • Client-side encryption and decryption
  • Encrypted / Unencrypted transaction messages
  • Contact book
  • QR code support
  • Secure and easy passphrase generation
  • Support for over 15 languages
  • Support for over 30 currencies

  • Main Developer : PoC-Consortium (lead dev: @cgb)

  • Download link :

  • Platform : Android

Plotting Software

A large collection of plotting software has been developed for specific needs, specific hardware, and specific operating systems.


Engraver is a BURST plotter that natively generates optimized plot files. It generates PoC2 files and is intended to work on most platforms. Being the fastest plotter there is... it features: direct and async i/o, SIMD support (sse2, avx, avx2, avx512f), and gpu support.

TurboPlotter 9000

TurboPlotter 9000 is a CPU/GPU PoC 1 + PoC 2 plotter and plot integrity checker.


XplotterGui is a GUI version of Xplotter with SSD Cache, File Merging and POC2 Conversion features.

XPlotter modded

XPlotter is the default plotter that comes with QBundle and provides CPU PoC 1 plotting for BURST whith AVX support. This modded version supports PoC2 plotting.


gpuPlotGenerator is a GPU PoC 1 plotter.

Mining Softwares

The following software is used to mine plot files.


Scavenger is a burst miner developped by PoC Consortium and written in Rust. It features direct io, avx512f, avx2, avx, sse and opencl.


Gyra is a front-end tool that creates formally valid and logically consistent configurations for the Scavenger Proof-of-Capacity miner. The configuration file used by Scavenger and created by Gyra is a .yaml file, which users can download in their browser and save it in the root directory where the Scavenger executable is placed.

Blagominer quetzalcoatl

A modded version based off of andzno1's version of Blagominer. This version features major improvements and bug fixes.

Blagominer andzno1

A modded version based off of JohnnyFFM's version of Blagominer. This version features collision free dual mining of Burstcoin and Bitcoin HD (configurable via priority) and tracking (and displaying) of possibly corrupted plot files.

Blagominer JohnnyFFM

This is a modified version of Blagominer. This modification of Blagominer builds upon modifications previously made by Quibus.


Burstcoin-jminer is a GPU assisted Proof of Capacity (PoC) Miner for Burstcoin.


The creepMiner is a client application for mining Burst on a pool or solo. It supports CPU mining (SSE2/SSE4/AVX/AVX2) or GPU mining (OpenCL, CUDA).

The bencher

A PoW miner for PoC. Its main purpose is to benchmark hashing devices for PoC and to make different hardware comparable. It also has an educational aspect as it shows how inefficient it is to mine a PoC coin without storage (a BIS GPU can emulate around 1TB).



CloudBurst is a decentralized cloud storage application to upload & download files from the Burstcoin blockchain.


BurstCoupon allows you to create and claim password protected coupons as extension for the Burstcoin blockchain.

Libraries - Development tools


BurstLib is a cross platform dynamic library to make developing applications and tools compatible with the Burst blockchain easier.


@burstjs is a BURST JavaScript library to make it easier for developers to build apps using Angular/React/Node.js/JavaScript. The library is broken down into four packages: @burstjs/core, @burstjs/crypto, @burstjs/http, and @burstjs/util.


Burstkit4j is a BURST Java Development Framework.

Pool Software


Nogrod is the all-new PoCC pool software written in GO. It provides SSE4 + AVX2 support, a fair share system based on estimated capacity, grpc api, multiple wallets as backends using the wallet API, can talk directly to wallet database, and dynamic payout thresholds/intervals based on messages on the blockchain.

BurstNeon Burst-Pool

This is a pool software developped by BurstNeon.

Other tools


TurboSwizzler is an application to convert PoC 1 plots to the PoC 2 format. Currently supports drive to drive mode with plot merging.


Poc1to2Converter converts PoC1 plots to POC2 plots.

PoC-Consortium Poc1to2 Converters

This Poc1to2 Converter for Linux converts PoC1 plots to POC2 plots. There is a rust binary converter (recommended) or a perl script version.

Burstcoin Explorer Mobile App

Burstcoin explorer is a block explorer for the Burstcoin network

Features include:


PaperBurst is a paper wallet generator for Burstcoin.


BlockTalk allows the user to write, debug, and deploy Burst smart contracts relying only on Java. You can use a simple text editor or your preferred IDE.