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Getting Started

Some things to know before you get started

Your account will be secured by a passphrase. It is important to understand the security implications of Burst being a blockchain based currency. With blockchain based currencies, there are no centralized organizations that exercise custodial control over accounts. There is no one to contact if you forget, loose, or otherwise fail to protect your passphrase. It is vitally important that you only use computer equipment that you are absolutely sure is secure from intrusion. The only access you will have to your burst account holdings will be your passphrase. If you cannot produce your passphrase, you cannot access your Burst wallet and the coins will be effectively lost.

New Burst accounts are secure, but full security requires activation on the block chain with a public key. Some business and exchanges will not transact business with an account until it is activated. Activation happens automatically with a wallets first outgoing transaction. How can you make an outgoing transaction if there are no funds in you account? This is easily accomplished with the help from the friendly Burst community. After you have downloaded and installed your selected wallet software, you will need to secure a small amount of Burst from the community in order to activate your wallet. For information on how to obtain the amount of burst needed, see FAQ 1. While you are there, scan through the other questions in the FAQ section.

Ready to get started?

Burst Reference software (BRS) is supported for all major operating systems. However, some programs developed for Windows require a 64bit installed version. You will also need to have a correct installed version of Java (usually the latest version). Some installation packages will check your version of Java automatically and prompt you to download any missing components. In most cases it is not necessary to check your version of Java in advance.

If you are just starting out, have average computer skills, and prefer ease of installation, the Windows based version of Qbundle is recommended. Qbundle is easily installed package that contains all of the Windows based Burst Reference Software that you will need.

If you have more advanced computer skills and prefer software that is not Windows based, packages for other popular operating systems have been developed.

The Burst Reference Software and guides to run it for Windows, Linux, and MacOS are below: