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A consequent number of developers and community members contribute to the Burst ecosystem. The main objective of this page is to present the different teams and contributors.

These contributors are sorted according to this Burstcoinist article (cf. Consensus) and other sources (Burstwiki, Github, Reddit, etc.).

PoC Consortium

Burst was created and launched by an anonymous but highly ambitious developer in August 2014. After a year, he disappeared without explanation, leaving the community to take over development and resources. The coin picked up some momentum in 2016 and 2017, but never truly received the attention and care it deserved.

During summer 2017, the PoC Consortium, a new team of developers, came to Burst to lead it to its rightful place. The PoC Consortium is a group of highly skilled and well funded individuals: executives, entrepreneurs, developers, computer scientists, administrators, designers, investors, and college students.

Since then, the PoC Consortium has completely transformed the Burst landscape by actively developing and maintaining software that forms a good percentage of all tools used in the Burst ecosystem and providing a path forward by releasing the Burst Dymaxion. A non-exhaustive list of PoCC members and other contributors is available here.








A detailed explanation of the responsibilities of the support team and a list of its current members is available here.



Evangelists Inc.