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When to use BURST, Burst and burst

BURST is the currency code. e.g. "We have enough BURST/BTC exchanges, but we need a BURST/fiat gateway."

Burst is the network. e.g. "Burst is not merely a way to send digital currency, it's the software framework around which a large variety of interconnected services, based around the digital currency, can be built."

burst is a unit of the currency. e.g. "I'm a poor shibe small stakeholder with only 4399 burst, if someone could give me 601 burst, I'd have a nice round number."

Omit needless words

Being succinct is being clear. And an easy way to be succinct is to omit needless words. [1]. For instance,

"...average Bitcoin transaction time has significantly increased to the 8-to-13 minute range..."

can be simplified to

"...average Bitcoin transaction time has significantly increased to 8 to 13 minutes..."