Getting Started

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Download and install the Burst software, select your operating system

Burst is supported by all major operating systems. You will need to have the correct (usually most recent) version of Java installed on your computer.

You need to have the Burst client software installed and up to date. You can find the download and installation instructions of the Burst core client here:

Windowslogo.jpg AppleLogo.jpg Linuxlogo.png Raspberry-pi-logo.png Android.png

Alternate software : Members of the Burst community have created alternate software clients that may be of use to you. If you already know the core Burst Client and want to try other options, check the Wallets on

Start using the Burst client

  1. Create a Burst account address
  2. Learn how the Burst client software works
  3. Learn the Security Features of Burst
  4. How to get or buy Burst
  5. Explore more features of Burst