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Table Of Content

Support Team

Scope of activities:

  • ensure global support for Burstcoin core activities and core infrastructure
  • documentation
  • translations

Champion: Dan Dares

Members: Umbrellacorp03 (documentation)

Global Support

Burstcoin, being a general-purpose cryptocurrency, is aiming to become a globally used medium of exchange and store of value. Global adoption requires a globally functional support infrastructure. A potential Burstcoin user should be able to get support for all basic tasks required to participate in the Burstcoin network. Independent of language, country, timezone - support should be present and responsive.

The scope of support should be all core activities necessary to be able to perform transactions, that is:

  • wallet installation (desktop or mobile version)
  • usage of an online wallet
  • usage of the explorer
  • reference existing documentation for in-depth information and support self-service

When this is covered on a global scale, meaning some guaranteed response times 24/7 in the most important communication channels (Reddit, Discord, Telegram and maybe others), other Burstcoin-related activities might be supported such as:

  • the whole mining complex from a miner/user perspective: plotting, mining, pools
  • exchange-related activities (deposit/withdraw) for the most prominent Burstcoin exchanges
  • eventually mild support for interested developers - mainly by pointing them to existing written documentation, else to the App Team

Not part of the scope should be

  • individual support for specific applications, but a supporter should be able to point people in the general right direction (knowing who's who) e.g. the creepminer-specific Discord for all creepMiner related support.
  • trading advice
  • handling complaints about Burstcoin (as long as they are unrelated to the support process itself)

It may be advisable to make use of a ticket system. Either something own like, or using managed solutions like Freshdesk, Github or similar.


Answering the same support requests over and over again can be tiresome. A viable scaling strategy is to spend more time elaborating an answer to frequently asked questions and to merely point to this elaborated answer.

Documentation should be centrally managed and the Burst Wiki is a good place to be the central point of well elaborated and interlinked documentation. While pointing to numerous external sources, it should be the central point of entry for Burst documentation.

The distributed nature of working on a Wiki has proven to be a viable way to scale globally (see Wikipedia).


The prime language of communication and support today is English, but while it will get us far, the concept of one language is not truly global. As every translation or localization binds additional resources, the decision when and how to spend these resources must be made carefully.

From core to the periphery, from most used languages to the more remote dialects.

Localizing the wallets or the Wiki to Chinese, Spanish etc. will have more precendence than messages of some plot converter to Pidgin.

As all of this means that localization and translation capacities need to be present and managed in the support team anyway, the support team could help app developers who are missing these capacities with their apps. Support Team could e.g. help translate creepminer documentation into chinese, but ultimately it is left to the parties to negotiate the if and how.