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Burst has a permanent TestNet running. Its purpose is to provide a sandbox for both developers and users to test Burst features and to experiment features without remorse[1].

You can access the PoCC-operated online TestNet-wallet via https://wallet.dev.burst-test.net/

How to set up a TestNet node ?

Before launching BRS, edit brs.properties and change the following lines

DEV.TestNet = yes
DEV.P2P.BootstrapPeers = wallet.dev.burst-test.net
DEV.DB.Url =jdbc:mariadb://localhost:3777/yourbursttestdatabase
DEV.DB.Username =root
DEV.DB.Password =yourpassword

obviously, you should use a different DB for TestNet than you use for MainNet.

Self-service test-net facuet

  1. Visit: https://wallet.dev.burst-test.net/ and create a wallet on the testnet. Record the Numeric Account ID (this can be found by clicking "more info" under the account balance).
  2. Visit the self-service test-net facuet and send yourself some test-burst to your new test-net account using the information below:
Passphrase: "I will take only 500 Burst"


  1. https://www.burstcoin.ist/2018/04/30/weekly-burst-report-34/